General Terms and Conditions - Global Cars 2024

Applicability of these General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements made between a customer (equals "contracting party") and Artemis Marketing Management LLC acting under the brand name Global Cars. Global Cars declares at the moment of conclusion of the agreement the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions applicable.

Membership Fee

Any Global Cars member will have to pay a yearly membership fee of €100 payable from the Available Balance. First payment of this Membership Fee is at the activation of the account. At the anniversary of this activation, a new Membership Fee will be due.

Intellectual Property Rights

Global Cars or the rightful claimant reserves all rights including copyright and trademark rights and/or other intellectual property rights. This includes texts, comparisons, illustrations, graphic material, trade names, logos, and brands. None of these rights are transferred to the visitors or contractors of the website and/or products of Global Cars. Visitors and contractors may not copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise make available to others without the express written consent of Global Cars. Global Cars may change information, texts, and disclaimer without prior notice. We recommend you to check regularly whether the information has changed.

Founder Shares

A Founder Share is sold for €999 and can only be purchased from the Available Balance. A maximum of 10,000 Founder Shares will be issued. Any Global Cars member can buy as many Founder Shares as he/she wants until all shares are sold. Founder Shares Dividend is paid out every time when a member either activates the account or renews the membership by paying the Membership Fee from Available Account. The dividend is paid immediately after a member has activated or renewed the Membership. The dividend is calculated as follows: €100 divided by the number of outstanding Founder Shares. The dividend will be paid to the Founder’s Available Balance.

Discounts and Sales Bonus

A Founder Shares will entitle the Founder to a 20 EUR discount per Share on Car Budget with a maximum of 200 EUR discount per Car Budget. If you own at least 1 Founder Share and one of your direct referrals buys a Founder Share, you will receive a €50 Sales Bonus in your Available Balance. This Sales Bonus is calculated on every Founder Share that is purchased by your direct referrals.

Car Budget

A car Budget costs 1000 EUR and can only be purchased from the Available Balance. Members can buy unlimited Car Budgets. For every Car Budget, we pay 100 EUR for the next 12 months. Car Budget expires after 12 payments (1200 EUR total). Payment on every first day of the month. A contract purchased before the 25th of the month will get the first payment on the 1st of the next month.

Sales Bonus on 2 Levels: Level 1: 30 EUR per Car Budget, Level 2: 20 EUR per Car Budget. The Sales Bonus is paid in Available Balance immediately after the purchase.

Final Word

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by UAE law. All disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively brought before the Courts of Dubai, UAE. Global Cars has the right to change or withdraw these Terms and Conditions without giving any reason. Changes are announced on the website www.globalcars.network and come into effect immediately after notification and apply to all contracting parties of Global Cars.