About Our Company

Changing the Car Leasing Industry Forever! .

Global Cars is the first car leasing company in the world to offer car leasing contracts and services using crypto currencies. With its own Stellar Based powerful GCT token and hundreds of clients across the globe, Global Cars is set to be the next disruptor of the Car Leasing industry!

Competitive Pricing

We are proud to offer the most competitive prices to our clients for their favourite car brands. Getting the most value for your money is what Global Cars is known for!

Multi Language Support

Our 5 Star rated customer support team is here to provide you with the best customer experience in English, Dutch, Spanish and French languages.

Advance Blockchain Ecosystem

We have our own blockchain ecosystem that supports our GCT token across all platforms. With high security, instantaneous transactions and low fees, GCT is seamless for transactions.

Free Car Deals

Join our affiliate program and sponsor new people to get amazing discounts on your car deals, handsome bonuses and even free cars!


Become a Founding member of Global Cars

Buy Our Limited Time Founders Shares.

Profit from the growth of our company by buying our limited number of founder shares. Founder shares come along with multiple benefits. Some of them include:

  • Earn a Dividend from Yearly Membership Fee
  • Get 5% Founder Exclusive Discount on your car deals.
  • Earn High Yield Sales bonus from product sales.
  • Get a share of profit from the company.
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